Making the Most of Winter Storm Jonas

Winter storm Jonas came. It struck. It went. And winter footwear brands conquered Instagram. Along with a panda.

The calm after the storm. Source: @diografic Instagram

Winter is a part of life for the majority of people in this country. But it doesn't mean that most folks enjoy it, nor does it mean that it's necessarily all bad at all times.

But when the Polar Vortex rears it ugly little end and storms with human names threaten all aspects of your existence, forcing individuals into the confines of their tiny studio apartments (unless you live in not New York City, then you have more space) for days at a time, pleasantries on hating the cold turn into A) cabin fever and/or B) anger.

Not only is winter generally wayyyy too long, but it's also not particularly Instagram-friendly. Gone are the days where you can just step outside for an impromptu organized shoot, unless you want to develop hypothermia. Behind you are the days where you ask your Instagram husband to snap a "candid" photo of your ensemble post-brunch, because your body is buried in your parka and it's just not cute.

However, the excitement was palpable when meteorologists made the announcement that every child dreams of following months of smooth-sailing regular freezing temperatures: most of the Northeast was about to be served a few snow days.

Once people collected themselves after the initial moment of sheer panic, everyone I spoke to welcomed the opportunity to binge on Netflix and the excuse to excessively stock up on wine for a couple of days.

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Jonas, as it turns out, was a welcomed unwanted guest. And as punctual as ever, it made its Friday night arrival: the flakes began their descent and wouldn't stop again for another 24 hours.

And while most people did vow not to leave the plush comfort of their homes during the whiteout, the blizzard proved to be too magnetic for most folks who engage in social media to stay cooped up. I mean, what a once-in-a-lifetime chance to share how you experienced #Snowmageddon2016, amirite??!

In fact, we looked at the #Snowmageddon2016 and the #Blizzard2016 hashtags and found out that they collectively raked in nearly 81 million ORGANIC impressions at this time - the numbers continue to climb every day as people post their pics of the aftermath.

Pretty sure this Jonas is the most popular brother.

The #Snowmageddon2016 hashtag reached over 1 million impressions in less than 4 days... ...while the #blizzard2016 hashtag reached over 80 million. It would be more if people knew how to spell Snowmageddon. Just sayin.

To get back to what I was saying earlier, while a true winter season - not talking about a California winter here - isn't very conducive to producing Instagram content for a multitude of reasons (hint: it's too cold), Jonas presented people with grounds to actually use their seasonal gear properly, as in, for what they were made for.

Enter: the snow boot.

Winter footwear had a serious moment this past weekend. As Jonas was wreaking havoc on more states than you can count on one hand, the Sorel boots of this world were busy earning UGC and watching their customers put their products to good use.

Let's look at some winter heavyweights that had major game during the snowy deluge.


Everyone's favorite Canadian export (maybe after these guys). They make boots for Canadian winters. You get it.

People were finally able to rock them in their natural habitat, aka snow.

Look at that crazy reach peak on the day of the blizzard, like, OMG!


Timberlands are not what they used to be. And for that, Jonas salutes you.


Ugg Australia

Ok, so we know that the original Ugg boot iteration was actually made for the chilly snow-LESS Australian winters, but girls still insist on wearing them, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, they did expand their product line to offer a robust snow-conquering model enjoyed by the likes of Eva Chen, nbd.

They're always being tagged by their fans, but Jonas finally offered some apropos content.

We hope you stayed safe and warm during the storm, and now that it's gone, may the force be with you as you're trying to cross the street.

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