Women's March: The Big Social Media Footprint

instagram insights Jan 24, 2017

In case you haven't heard, America got a new commander in chief... And then people gathered to march, turning out in record numbers. If you missed it, all you had to do was open Instagram for a play-by-play. Which is why we decided to take a microscope to the Women's March Instagram stats.

Directly from the first lady of Instagram, miz Chen 212.

The first ever Women's March happened this past weekend on Saturday, January 21st, the day after President Trump's inauguration. People from all over the country gathered to make their voices heard. The historic event symbolized a protest against Trump, his ideologies and his cabinet. But it was also a fight for gender equality and human rights.

Taking place in most major cities across the US, along with some smaller ones, the Women's March set a national protest record with an estimated turnout of 3.6 to 4.5 million. I meannnn, that ain't no small potatoes. Not to mention the droves of celebrities in attendance (here's looking at you, Ashley Judd). There was also another element enabling the widespread spirit of those roaring yet peaceful marchers: Instagram (what else). The day was well documented on the app, for the whole world to see and participate.

In fact, Instagram was flooded with content coming at feeds in real time from the streets, all over America. There were funny memes, cute captures, hopeful messages and palpable energy that spanned multiple generations. There was no escaping the emblematic imagery landing on the 'Gram during the march. The magnitude of the event reverberated intensely, clearly having impacted and inspired millions of people not only all over the US of A, but across all other nations, too.

The influencers were most certainly at it as well.

Let's Talk Numbers

If you weren't at one of the marches on Saturday, all you had to do was open Instagram to feel like you were smack dab in the thick of it. The app truly served as the information vehicle for what was going on out there, offering a direct view at the scene from various vantage points throughout the day. It was all documented with photos and videos via personal posts and news outlets, establishing the event's firm footprint in history.

So, we know that we witnessed endless pieces of march-related content appearing in our Insta feeds all day long, but what does the data actually say? Here are all of the Instagram insights from the Women's March and its related Instagram account.

Emotions ran high and so did the numbers!

The @womensmarch account's average engagement rate is 4.30%. That's crazy high. To put things in perspective, most non-private citizen accounts hover around 1%. And if you take a look below at the visual illustrating the account's most popular post of the week, you'll notice that the posts on D-Day yielded engagement rates from 32% to 52+%. That is literally unheard of (very scientific term 🤓).
womens march instagram stats trump protest human rights inghts

This adorable child won for highest engaged-around photo of all time on the @womensmarch account, landing at a whopping 52.44% (and counting! Could still go up).
womens march instagram stats trump protest human rights inghts highest engagement

On January 21st, the day of the march, the account added almost 95k new followers in one single day. Holy moly.
womens march instagram stats trump protest human rights insights new instagram followers

The top 2 most liked photos of the day belonged to Ariana Grande, followed by Miley Cyrus. The piece of content that received both the greatest number of likes and highest reach on Saturday was this image of Ariana with her grandmother:
ariana grande womens march instagram stats trump protest human rights inghts new instagram followers

And now for the kicker:

  • As for the official @womensmarch Instagram account, it received 357,545,095 impressions thanks to being tagged or @ mentioned in 52,625 posts organically on Saturday January 21st. That's just 1 day. ✨

  • The #womensmarch hashtag received 2,610,079,200 impressions from 544,830 posts. That's billion with a B. Uummmm, that's way more than the Victoria's Secret hashtag. Just sayin' (hi Elsa!). 😳

  • A lot of people were also using the #womensmarch2017 hashtag. This one received 270,707,200 impressions from 42,298 posts, which is incredibly substantial. 💁

Saturday's Women's March turnout was undeniably huuuuuge (get it??) and while we have the crowd images to prove it, we also have Instagram stats that solidify the fact that this movement is a piece of history.

Dare we say girl power? We dare.

This powerful image posted by [@natgeo](http://instagram.com/natgeo) was the third highest-reaching piece of UGC for the @womensmarch account, yielding 20,239,849 impressions.

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