The Year in Review: Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

year in review Dec 29, 2016

The people have spoken and the results are in: here's our annual roundup of most popular blog posts of the year. Sayonara, 2016!

& doesn't appear to be slowing down!

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Alas, it is true, another year has come and gone. Survey says a lot of people are more than ready to turn the page on 2016 (👆), fully prepared for a, um, better chapter. But in spite of some terrible misfortunes, we had some really amazing times this year (and so did vertical video, more on that later).

Whether you enjoyed the past 12 months or not, it's worth recounting the moments to better help decide what resolutions should be made once the January 1st reset button has been pressed. And by that we mean January 2nd, once you've recouped from your NYE festivities.

Reflecting on successes is always a great way to gear up for more of them. And since it's the season for countdowns, here are our blog's 5 most popular posts of the year based on readership. Looks like Snapchat was high on the interest list...

Which one was your fav?

5. How to use Snapchat for Business: 7 Ways to Crush the Game

The ever-evolving ongoing enigma that is Snapchat had every single business scrambling this year, trying to figure out ways to use the millennial and gen Z-centric platform to reach their target. Ephemeral vids, although fun and enticing, are not an easy marketing task by any means, hence the enthusiasm for this topic.

4. What Instagram's New Business Profiles and Tools Mean for Your Brand

This year has been transformational for Instagram, to say the least. One of the biggest changes came when the app introduced business profiles with a set of insights tools to go along with them. Needless to say, our writeup on the change garnered mucho buzz. The biggest takeaway? The fact that Insta is making strides to show support to marketers, and that used in tandem with the robust Dash Hudson suite, brands can basically be invincible.

3. Who to Follow on Instagram: Australians Do it Better

Ok, who doesn't love Australians? They're rad, super nice, beautiful, and plainly put, cool as hell. It's no wonder you guys couldn't get enough of this post. In fact, we still can't.

2. Snapchat Marketing for Brands: The 6 Metrics That Matter

Could 2016 be the year of Snapchat? I think so. This comprehensive post on why Snapchat plays an important role in the marketing funnel nowadays, as well as what metrics to use to measure the performance of fleeting mini films, was a megahit.

1. The Best Brands You Need to Follow on Snapchat

Umm, we're noticing a trend here. You people just loooove reading up about Snapchat, don't you. Not only is it good to learn best practices, but it's also very useful to be up to speed on who is doing it right. This post had of all that information.

And as the tradition warrants, I bring your our most popular SlideShare of the year: The Data-Driven Marketer's Guide to Instagram. The title speaks for itself, really. It's a doozy.

We want to wish all of you a happy New Year and much more success to come over the next 365 days. Here's to more social media learnings in 2017!

Cheers 🎉

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