The Year in Review: Dash Hudson's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

instagram Dec 30, 2015

Not that it's a popularity contest or anything.

Welcome to our first-ever roundup of Dash Hudson's top blog stories of the year. Quite fitting, since this also happens to be the year of birth of the Dash Hudson blog. And what a twelve months it has been.

The fast-approaching proverbial reset button that is January 1st also gives everyone an opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of the previous 365 days. And because we don't like to spread negativity by rehashing the bad and the ugly, we're going to reflect on the good.

Below are the top five stories we published that titillated our readers in 2015 - well, technically since April, the month of our blog's inception - counting down to number one. Because in the spirit of NYE, who doesn't love a good countdown?! Spoiler alert: it basically boils down to beauty, babies, business and babes.

Here we go...

Every brand should take note of the type of marketing Glossier is doing. That is likely why our post on their recent product launch was so popular.

Glossier: "Jump!" Everyone: "How high?!"
The beauty brand that cornered the Instagram market by - wait for it - listening to the consumer had a huge year, thanks in part to new product launches. When we analyzed what that meant in terms of Instagram data, it appears that you guys were just as fascinated as we were.

Clearly the need for information on running an Instagram campaign is dire. Our post on it came in at #4.

The Best Instagram Campaigns for Your Brand
Gosh do we know just how difficult it can be to really hone in on what kind of Instagram marketing approach to take for your brand. Especially when it comes to running influencer campaigns. This über-informational piece written by one of our great brand strategists, Jenny, served its purpose of shedding some light on how to tackle running promos with your favorite 'grammers.

Babies and puppies. Instagram gold as well as blog gold, turns out.

9 Instagram Marketing Tips You Didn't Know, But Now You Know
Our CEO <a href="" target="_blank">Thomas truly has a knack for putting complicated marketing things in layman's terms, and lucky for you, he's always very generous about sharing his wealth of knowledge. Coming in third place is his 9 marketing tips post (plus a bonus!), surely because everyone is just tired of the same old boring reclaimed SEO pointers.

Onia knows how to make a splash. Pun intended.

Onia Does it Again: A Veritable Instagram Tour de Force
It ain't often that a company does it so right. So when we proclaimed Onia's Instagram activities to be akin to genius, it inevitably garnered some heavy interest. Shall we expect to see some copycat maneuvers in 2016?

...Drum roll please...

The top post of 2015 belongs to Jeanne Grey, just a girl with great style and super high numbers.

Getting the Q&A Treatment: Jeanne Grey from Grey Layers
Our number one post of the year is our Q&A with the ever so lovely Jeanne Grey from the Grey Layers! Seems like you are just as voyeuristic as we are, readers. Tsk tsk (we kid). The fact remains that the most read story of the year is a feature on an Instagram personality. Jeanne entered the DH confessional booth for all of her spellbound disciples to hear her penance, by the grace of blog.

(We love a good bonus.)

And because we like to humble brag, we'd also like to give a shoutout to our most popular SlideShare of the year, Beauty and Brains: 6 Ways to Build Your Brand and Drive Sales on Instagram. All of the tips you need to grow your brand on Instagram, packaged in one fun, interactive and pretty bundle. It even made the Featured SlideShares homepage. NBD.

Such a pretty package. Not to mention its contents.

That said, we wish you all a happy new year and we can't wait to see you again in 2016! Here here.