Yes, You Too Can Learn From a Kardashian: How the Reality Brood Came to Rule Instagram

Jun 03, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner is having a moment. We all can't stop talking about the stunning Vanity Fair cover featuring Jenner proudly announcing to the world who she really is. It's a wonderful moment for the transgender community and for Caitlyn Jenner. But let's not forget, before there was Caitlyn, there was Kim. To quote Kourtney Kardashian's long-time beau Scott Disick "We owe a lot to Kim – especially our careers!" Of course, Jenner was a world-famous Olympian, so she doesn't owe anything to Kim, but the rest of the clan certainly launched themselves off the infamous Kim-Brandy's brother sex tape.

Throughout their rise to fame, the Kardashian women, including their half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, have used Intagram as a self-promoting tool (maybe even better than any momager), with each feed highlighting their distinctly-curated personality.

Helllllooo, my only one.

Let's start with the OG Kardash, Kimmmy K. Currently sitting at 34.9 million followers, Mrs. West has perfected the art of keeping her fans interested, engaged, and feeling like they have exclusive access into her private life. Kim herself admits that she often uses social media to ask fans for advice on products she is producing or promoting, or on outfits she is wearing. This kind of interaction, combined with pictures of Nori and Kanye and her ultra-glamourous, catwalk-ready outfits make her an undeniable follow.

Even sweet baby monkeys love Khloe.

Younger sister Khloe does much of the same as Kim – showing off her paparazzi-photographed outfits and promoting her special appearances. But Khloe is a softer, cuddlier soul than Kim, often posting silly memes about the family, photos of herself working hard at the gym, and snuggling up to her nieces and nephews. Think of Khloe's feed as the cool-auntie/cool-big-sis-to-the-younger-Jenners Instagram. Basically, everybody looks up to awesome, sweet Khloe and we all want her to give us advice while we eat ice-cream in our pjs.

They see me rollin'...

Mother of three Kourtney keeps a bit of a lower profile on Instagram, at least by Kardashian standards. Her outfits tend to be on the more accessible, mom-friendly side compared to Kim and Khloe, with a lot of her feed focusing on her life as a mom. Most of her photos are OOTD-style pics either by taking a mirror selfie or culling photos from pap agencies. This OOTD tendendancy is found across the board in all the Kardashian/Jenner women's feeds. They each know that fans look for inspiration from their distinct styles and they give them what they want.

A model in repose.

The younger set of the Kardashian reality clan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, have given their older sisters a run for their Instagram likes (they have 27.5 million followers and 25.2 million followers, respectively). These young women have grown up with social media, and so have their fans. Everything they do is documented on Instagram and their Iphone-addicted peers are at there ready to like, comment and emulate.

A high-fashion model, Kendall's feed follows her jet-setting life of cover shoots, yacht hang-outs with fellow models Gigi and Bella Hadid, and the many, many runways she rules. Her Instagram is a combination of a glamourous behind-the-scenes life of a working model and a cheeky, fun diary of a 19-year-old.

Dare we say she's the new Kim???

The undisputed underdog back in the early reality show days, Kylie Jenner has emerged as a true force in the Instagram game. The littlest Jenner's make-up game is on point, her selfie game rivals her big sis Kim's, and her lips are on, well, everyone's lips. Kylie's ever-changing hairstyle, whether it's an electric blue bob or flowing black locks, keeps her fans guessing and her risky fashion choices make her the sister to watch. She's only 17, which makes her transformation into Baby Kim a little troubling, but I guess you grow up fast with E! cameras everywhere. Dare we call her the next Kim?

(Sike! There is only one Kim.)